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Italy Penalizes Google For Showing Gambling Ads

screenshot of Google’s fuck-up with the Italian ban is the main gambling news for discussion this week. Although the company tried much to comply with the gambling restrictions imposed in many countries, it was too difficult to adapt to all of them. Italy has introduced the ban in 2018 to decrease the level of problem gambling among its citizens. The decree put operators in tight frameworks, not allowing them to run almost all types of advertising campaigns and ink sponsorship deals. These measures led to the upsurge of indignation from local license holders who said that this ban would only open more promotional opportunities for foreign operators. The approximate sum of the fine is revealed The announcement about Google’s law breach came from the Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni (AGCOM) – Italy’s telecommunication regulator. It informed that the search engine giant had violated the advertising restrictions and got the financial sanction. The accusations are connected with paid ads run by an affiliate marketing company based in France. Some mass media revealed that Google had got a penalty of one hundred thousand euros. As it is a paid promotion, the company doesn’t have chances to prove that it has been an uncontrolled incident. It isn’t a secret that the search engine has relaxed its limits for gambling operators, especially in cases of paid ads. Read more: Legal ground for gambling in Europe Read more: What is the best software for a casino?                     
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